Looking for the right person who will actually understand your startup pitch, correctly pronounce your medical copy, or can morph into multiple characters for your video game or animation? Look no further!

Katherine is a “Kat of all trades”.


Commercial Demo

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A sampler of a conversational commercial, comedic/character commercial, and a tech explainer commercial.

E-Learning Demo

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A sampler of technical instructional video and a company intro video narration.

About Me


    After 9 years working in the tech scene Katherine broke out of her left brain and jumped feet first into her right brain. Listeners can tell when someone doesn’t understand what they are talking about, don’t make that mistake for your explainer video!

    Katherine has been an avid video gamer since she was a kid and understands what gamers are looking for in their characters. From grunting to spell casting, she has decades of experience listening to the characters that came before her.

    Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Katherine has a smooth neutral accent that won’t draw attention away from the words you’ve written when you aren’t looking for a character voice.


Katherine works as a full-time freelance voice actor and is available during the week days or nights for directing and recording from her professional home studio. Traveling within the greater Seattle area is also an option.

Need help writing or editing copy? Katherine can help give your voiceover that extra sparkle in both written word and performance. Curious about rates? Use the contact form below and send details about your project!

Equipped with an engineering degree and a love of audio, Katherine can provide full editing services for her audio recordings. Curious about rates? Use the contact form below and send details about your project!


Katherine has attended classes and weekend workshops at Voicetrax in San Francisco since September 2016. She actively enrolls in classes to further her career with some of the best voice acting coaches on the west coast.

Classes Taken

  • Introduction to Narration with Vicki Baum
  • Creating Characters with Chuck Kourouklis and Brian Sommer
  • To Paris and Back with Samantha Paris
  • Get Animated! with Townsend Coleman
  • Colors of Your Voice with Chuck Kourouklis
  • True Blue You with Samantha Paris
  • Simply Acting II with Frank Coppola
  • Home Audition Haven with Jeff Howell

Other Workshops

  • eLearning with Patrick Fraley and Scott Burns
  • Voiceover II with Shana Pennington-Baird
  • Video Game Efforts & Exertions with David Rosenthal

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