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What is your price?

Voiceover fees aren’t normally hourly rates. Instead, they go by the economic value that the client wants to gain from the recording. This is why for example a TV Commercial airing around the country is priced differently than an internal sales-pitch video.

Depending on the usage of the recording there are a range of rates. I use the GVAA Rate Guide to make sure my rates are industry standard.

Do you have Source Connect?

Yes! My professional home studio is equipped with Source Connect Standard. You can find my profile under the username katherinetole.

What is your equipment?

I use a Vanguard V4 FET XLR Microphone connected through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to a Macbok Pro. The recording software I use is Ocenaudio DAW. I do my editing and mixing on Reaper DAW.

What genres do you work in?

I am a freelance voice actor for Commercials, Explainer Videos, Documentaries, eLearning, Animation, Video Games, Presentations, Web-Videos, and Telephone Systems. I love taking on new types of work, so if your project is not listed here please contact me.

How many retakes do you give?

I provide two initial takes with all of my work, and then two rounds of directed feedback and retakes after that. Any retakes needed due to my mistake of a script are free of charge.

Do you do directed sessions?

Yes! I prefer to do directed sessions from my home studio any day of the week, which can be booked via my Calendly. Contact me directly if a longer session is needed.

Where can I find out about V123 Pros?

The work I do as a co-founder of V123 Pros along with Natasha Marchewka can be found at We help voice actors use more effectively and make more money!

Why Work With Me?

Cold Reading Experience
Editing the script until the last second? Not a problem for me!
Quick and Efficient
I have 24-48hr turnaround time and most of my sessions are done in less than 30 mins.
Can Edit Audio
I can be your voice actor and your audio engineer in one if you need finished takes.
Non Binary
I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and love using my voice to support others like me.
Tech Background
I’ll never have a tech issue during a session.
Versatile Vocal Range
From alto to soprano, I can embody voices in many parts of my body and vocal range.

Happy Clients & Testimonials

Katherine is a talented & professional voice talent. Her recordings were high quality & nailed the requested tone. She was also super responsive when the client called for a last minute script change. I'm looking forward to collaborating in the future! Devin Renca, Motion Designer and Illustrator

My Studio


  • Vanguard V4 FET XLR Mic
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Ocenaudio or Reaper DAW

Directed Sessions

  • Source Connect Standard
  • Phone Patch
  • Skype, Zoom, Discord

Video Samples

Political Ad - New Democracy
VR Tutorial - HTC Vive Focus 3
Corporate Explainer - Sensiba
Corporate Explainer - Microsoft
Corporate Explainer - Amazon Alexa
Corporate Narration - Business Walkthrough
Video Game Character - Out of CTRL
Video Game Trailers - Seattle Indies
Video Game Narration - 9mm Girls